Can We Talk? Public Discourse in Montana

By Special Advertiser, 10-08-07

A State-Wide Conference, October 26
Bozeman Holiday Inn, 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

What is the quality of public discourse in Montana, among its citizens, its non-profit organizations, media, and governmental bodies?

What can concerned citizens and groups do to ensure that effective public discourse will support effective democracy in our state?

Join us for a day-long conference in Bozeman, featuring Pat Hughes, author of Gracious Space: Working Better Together, Brian Kahn, Dennis Swibold, Gordon Brittan, Jane Jelinski, Bob Brown, Ann Mary Dussault, Mark Noennig, Chuck Johnson, Carmen McSpadden, Judy Edwards, and others.

Sessions will address public discourse in Montana’s past; the nature and place of civility in a democracy, in city councils and county commissions, the legislature, and the media; factors bearing on effective public discourse; the nuts-and-bolts of working together; and resources available to Montanans for a more effective public discourse.

“Can We Talk?” is sponsored by Humanities Montana, on the occasion of its 35th anniversary, in partnership with the Burton K. Wheeler Center and the Local Government Center at Montana State University-Bozeman; the O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West at The University of Montana; Leadership Montana; Artemis Common Ground; and the Montana Consensus Council. There is a $25 registration fee to cover printed materials and luncheon.

For further information, visit or call 406-243-6022.

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